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Polymath is a new concept music record label. Every artist has their own perspective, imagination, style and inspirations. They share this with the world through their creations, performances and their own musical concepts.


Each concept is unique, as is every performance. Polymath can be defined as ‘many talents’. The Polymath concept asks different artists to create pieces inspired by their perception of a singular theme. This concept gives artists the freedom to share their own visions on a given notion, to push and stretch their boundaries of creativity, and to present inspired tracks and artwork.


Each Polymath release is an experiment. It includes three different artists’ pieces inspired by the same theme. This is tied together with ornate artwork to complete the bespoke showpiece.


Working with the creators of Polymath, we discussed various routes that the brand’s path could follow, resulting in a design that allowed the release to become the brand. The symbol is made up of four layers, these being the three producers and the artist. Working with the new brand, keeping the styling minimal, illustrator Victoria Louise Boyle has produced the artwork to coincide with the theme for each EP.



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